Dr. Emmanuel Lereno


Focus Areas

  • Ai and Machine learning
  • Data Analytics


Shortly after earning his PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques in 2001, Emmanuel joined Schlumberger Oilfield Services as a data analytics project director before moving over to Parkeon in 2005 to work as a business analyst tasked with identifying trends and defining market strategies throughout Europe. Building on his successes in the European market, in 2011, Emmanuel was tasked with making the strategic investments and developing the necessary relationships to grow the business in North America, including taking direct executive responsibility for the company’s single largest account, the New York City Department of Transportation, that Emmanuel turned into a 100 million dollars contract universally recognized as a tremendous success. Emmanuel grew into the role of Senior Vice President of Digital Services within Flowbird, and was responsible for Flowbird’s continued innovation in urban mobility and digital solutions as well as the relationship with their exclusive Canadian distributor, Precise ParkLink.

Emmanuel attributes his success as an innovator and a thought leader to a belief in “constant motion” — that the work to do more and to do better never ends, and that continuous learning and improvement are the only ways to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. This intellectual curiosity was apparent at a young age: he continues to develop his proficiency at the piano since learning to play at 11 and has broadened his interest in culture and entertainment to include all manner of movies and sports in addition to music.

55 Avenue Road, Suite 2000, East Tower Toronto, ON, Canada, M5R 3L2

P: 416-849-5555
F: 416-849-5551

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