Living a
healthier life

Executive Healthcare Services

Living a
healthier life

Executive Healthcare Services



We are a complete personalized health management clinic located in the heart of Yorkville. Our main focus is to discover and treat medical conditions early, before they become serious problems.

We pride ourselves on offering the gift of time – a long healthy life. Our goal is to keep you as healthy as possible for as long as possible, so you can focus on what matters to you – your life, family and business.

Why clients choose us:

Our promise for unparalleled support

Executive Health Assessment

Year-round care and Health coaching

Health support abroad

24/7 on-call service

Referral Management

Coordination of in-Hospital care

Team of experts

Complete health management

Dr. Fabio Varlese

The founder of The Toronto Clinic

Dr. Fabio Varlese is a prominent Specialist in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. He graduated Summa Cum Laude at the University of Rome and holds the rank of Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Varlese’s work is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and developing innovation to reduce unnecessary suffering from preventable diseases by treating symptoms and early warning signs of disease.
“The staff at The Toronto Clinic are professional, courteous, and available for the healthcare needs of me and my family.
“I have been a Member of the Toronto Clinic since 2008 together with my immediate and many of my extended family members. We have found The Toronto Clinic to be a world-class Executive Healthcare facility complemented by nutritional counselling, preventative medicine, psychological wellness services, naturopathic and holistic care. The Staff at The Toronto Clinic are professional, courteous, and available for the healthcare needs of me and my family. Dr. Fabio Varlese is a true leader and medical innovator with patients improved overall healthcare as his driving goal. His science-based and practical approach to my and my family’s health care has been exceptional. Under Dr. Fabio Varlese’s leadership, I have improved my own personal health and have full trust in the clinicians, administrative staff and their recommended consultants. I am truly grateful for the overall high-quality wellness program that The Toronto Clinic has provided for my family and I would highly recommend The Toronto Clinic to anyone who wants to maximize their health, longevity, and overall well-being.
– Marco Guglietti
President, Roseheaven Homes Inc.

Profiles of Excellence

In his most recent feature piece for RAI Italia International, Dr. Varlese discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic, Prevention, Healthy Aging and his steadfast connection with his home country, Italy.

Preservation Innovation: Dr. Giuseppe Papia

The story of how an innovative medical idea to save a man from amputation propelled Dr. Giuseppe Papia’s career to become one of the most established and respected vascular surgeons in Toronto. The Toronto Clinic congratulates one of our very own, Dr. Giuseppe Papia, for his recent promotion as Associate Professor of Surgery at Sunnybrook Hospital.

For more on one of Canada’s leading vascular surgeons specializing in limb preservation, and the creative idea that instigated an accomplished career, click the button below.

Our membership

You are not alone with your health

We take a 360 degree approach to your health, giving you peace of mind. It all starts with a complete health assessment, where we find all potential risks and start addressing them right away, keeping you healthy, energized, and productive.

How we work

A Health Strategy grounded in excellence

How we work

A Health Strategy grounded in excellence

  • 01. The 10 assessments

    A complete health assessment that includes 10 stages:

    Executive Medical Assessment
    Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
    Women’s and Men’s Health
    Cancer Assessment
    Wellness/Stress Assessment
    Nutrition Assessment
    Exercise Physiology
    Life Coach Assessment
    Naturopathic Assessment
    Sports Medicine Clinic
  • 02. Assessment review

    Once we received and reviewed your medical literature, one of our clinicians will meet with you to discuss your current lifestyle, wellness, and mental health concerns and past medical history, including:

    Cardiovascular risk assessment and prevention
    Gender-specific health issues
    Cancer screening and prevention
    Included in your yearly assessments are different modalities of ultrasound and echo provided on-site
  • 03. Naturopahic Consultation

    You will have 2 sessions with our Naturopathic Doctor to discuss

    Nutrition and dietary screening
    Naturopathic approach and perspective of your health, both ongoing concerns, and prevention of future issues
  • 04. Chiro and Physio Consultation

    You will have 2 sessions with our Chiropractor and Physiotherapist to discuss:

    Exercise, active lifestyle and mobility
    Address muscle or joint pain
  • 05. Summary visit

    Once you complete all the visits with our team, your designated clinician will follow-up to review your findings and discuss your Executive Healthcare Plan for the year

24/7 Support

As part of your Membership, you will receive regular coaching calls with a clinician and will have 24/7 access to our team

“The best Healthcare solution for myself, my family and my executives”
“Having access to a clinician at all times is what I needed for my peace of mind, because health care needs can be very unpredictable. With The Toronto Clinic at the driver’s seat, managing my health finally feels effortless. Knowing that I’m in the hands of professionals who know my health care needs and are focused on my well-being is the ultimate reassurance for me, my family and my executives.”
– Albert Gasparro
CEO, G GROUP Development Inc.

“The Toronto Clinic made it incredibly simple to take care of my health.”

“As a CEO, I have very little time to monitor my health concerns or wait for a visit with my family physician. With their proactive approach, Dr. Varlese’s team has proven to be always ahead of the game and never failed to give me peace of mind with their stellar medical care.”

– Robert A. Fung
CEO, Crystallex International Corporation

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We are located in the heart of Yorkville,
Toronto’s most prestigious neighborhoods

55 Avenue Road, Suite 2000, East Tower Toronto, ON, Canada, M5R 3L2

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