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Healthcare that revolves
around you, 24/7

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A new approach to care

it’s about preventing disease, not just Fighting it

In a healthcare landscape that often focuses on disease treatment, we champion an approach that prioritizes prevention and health enhancement.

When more than 70% of the risk for cardiovascular diseases and cancers has strong ties to lifestyle and environmental factors, we chose to actively coach our clients into optimal health.

Our commitment is to provide cutting-edge preventative care to optimize the health of our clients and to minimize the likelihood of disease manifestation.

Our mission revolves around preserving your well-being for as long as possible, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most to you – your life, your loved ones, and your professional pursuits.

Leading in Prevention

we’re changing the way care is delivered

  • personalized approach

  • 24/7 fast access to care
  • Focused on prevention
  • mutlidisciplinary care team
  • Annual executive assessment
  • Year-round care
  • Health support abroad
  • Coordination of in-hospital care

a comprehensive program designed to empower you

At The Toronto Clinic, we champion a holistic approach to your well-being. Our program initiates with an exhaustive health assessment, spotlighting and mitigating potential risks from the onset. Our commitment ensures you not only feel your best but also thrive with vigor, confidence, and vitality.

24/7 fast access to care

Personalized case management

Focus on prevention and longevity

Multidisciplinary clininical team of experts

Yearly Executive Health Assessments

Regular follow-ups and coaching calls

International health support abroad

Coordination of in-Hospital care

How we work

A Health Strategy grounded in excellence

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  • Review of your Medical History

    Our data-driven methodology starts with the collection and thorough review of your medical history. Each patient is unique. Knowing where they’re coming from allows us to tailor our assessments and health plan to their specific needs.

  • The 10 assessments

    A complete health assessment that includes 10 stages:

    Executive Medical Assessment
    Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
    Women’s and Men’s Health
    Cancer Risk Assessment
    Wellness/Stress Assessment
    Nutrition Assessment
    Exercise Physiology
    Life Coach Assessment
    Naturopathic Assessment
    Sports Medicine Clinic
    In depth breakdown
  • Peronsalized Health Plan

    Your dedicated clinician will review the results and formulate a Personalized Action Plan. This strategy is derived from the health data gathered during the 10 assessments, combined with your medical history wiht a distinctive focus on:

    Risk Factors
    Opportunities for health optimization
    Strategy for acute concerns
  • Regular follow-ups

    A strong patient provider relationship is key to better health outcomes. Your dedicated clinician will keep you engaged and monitored through regular follow-ups to make sure you optimize your health month after month.

  • Ongoing care

    The Toronto Clinic team is always there to support you and facilitate your access to care.

    Refferrals and prescriptions
    Phone calls and walk-in visits
    24/7 worldwide support
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Team-led care

For over 15 years, The Toronto Clinic has been at the forefront of leveraging Multidisciplinary Clinical teams to deliver the highest quality of care to all its members.
  • Dr Fabio Varlese

    Dr. Varlese’s work is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and developing innovation to reduce unnecessary suffering from preventable diseases by treating symptoms and early warning signs of disease.

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  • Dr Giuseppe Papia

    Dr. Giuseppe Papia is a Vascular Surgeon part of of the Division of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery and the Division of Critical Care Medicine at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

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What they say about us:

Our greatest reward is the impact we have on our patient’s lives. We are coaches in health and the biggest fans of health goals achieved.

  • Marco Guglietti

    “Professional, courteous, and available staff for the healthcare needs of me and my family.

  • Robert A. Fung

    “The Toronto Clinic made it incredibly simple to take care of my health.”

  • Albert Gasparro

    “The best Healthcare solution for myself, my family and my executives.”

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