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Dr. Thanu Jey  BSC. HONS (KIN), D.C, CSCS, FCE

Sports Medicine, refined

The founders of The Yorkville Sports Medicine Clinic spent years humbly serving professional athletes, accident patients, hospital patients, and community-based patients, and found that athletes benefited from having something the other patients did not – a collection of healthcare professionals that worked together for one purpose, getting you better.

With that advantage in mind, we designed our clinic to allow you to experience the benefits of integrated healthcare that an athlete would receive. By allowing everyone access to this type of healthcare we aspire to help you get better faster, and stay better longer.

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How we work



Successful treatment starts with a good diagnostic, our team will first review your history and assess the source of your pain to then set your goals to create the treatment plan most adapted to your needs.



Once you have been assessed, our team will proceed with a treatment designed to make you feel better, either though an adjustment or a one on one session in our private boutique gym.



To maximize the results of your treatments ongoin support may be key. Our Team will be there for you to help you stay on your path to better health.


“Throughout my life I’ve suffered from constant back pain caused by a past car accident. I’ve tried several forms of relief and treatment, but none have been successful. However, after going to a few sessions at the clinic my back pain has resolved almost completely. I was extremely surprised with the impact the care I received has made in my life.”
Chris Sgouraditis
– June 2019

“Dr. Jey has taken such good care of me over the years. Anytime I have an issue with my elbow or my knees, he fits me in as quickly as possible and works with me to relieve the pain in that moment, then leaves me with tips for future flare-ups. He’s so knowledgeable about the body and how to improve joint pain, all while being so personable and hilarious”
Reine Seck
– February 2020

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Discuss your needs with our team of experts to find the solution that suits you best.

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