Electronic Health Records

Web Based Medical Record

The Toronto Clinic™ utilizes a cutting edge web based service that allows you instantaneous anytime access to your critical medical information anywhere in the world, provided you have access to the internet.

The service functions as a concise electronic health record. It allows your Toronto Clinic physician to quickly and easily enter all of your critical medical information, ie allergies, medications, past medical history and blood and diagnostic test results, onto the secure password protected online website.

Whether you are at home or traveling to a foreign country, you and any physician treating you, can have instant access to your critical medical information; this will decrease medical errors, increase the efficiency of your medical delivery, allow you to check and track your own test results, and may well even save your life in the event of an emergency The Toronto Clinic™ is the first clinic to use this specific cutting edge technology.


The Toronto Clinic™ physician will formulate a Personalized and Customized Action Plan for each member based on the blood work results, diagnostic test results, and recommendations of each consultant involved in the 10 Assessments. The Action Plan along with the results and recommendations from each of the 10 Assessments will be organized into an electronic medical record for the client to access.

The Toronto Clinic - Electronic Health Records